Luxury nature bonding cabanas.

Turn key sustainable living within the privacy of the Mayan jungle. Designed for the creative community,
utilizing permaculture principles, local materials, renewable energy & closed loop systems within 400 hectares of protected land.

Our story.

We started this journey with a swimwear brand, but witnessing such rapid growth in the place we called home, we found that our brand message wasn’t meaningful if our own lives weren’t yet sustainable. This is when we slowed down to uncover that our purpose was deeper and felt immediately drawn to developing a regenerative luxury lifestyle.

Now, we have made this finding our core purpose. Bonding nature with lifestyle design to enhance the beauty of not only the way we dress, but also the way we interact with humanity and our environment. 

With our newest project, HAVEN, we invite you to experience the respect and unifying of cultures, the enjoyment and benefits of healthy nourishment, the excitement of exploring world wonders, the awe of scientific and technological developments, and the reunion of ancestral wisdom. 

Wake up to a dream.

At AMARA, we care about nature, and we know you do too.
Because indulging in her beauty is essential to the lifestyle we have chosen.
A lifestyle of discovery and abundance, full of turquoise oceans, fresh water cenotes, pink and blue lagoons.
Here we find hidden cities, cultures mingling and knowledge shared.

We live here in the jungle, witnessing first hand a culture emerging.
A community of artists and entrepreneurs with a desire to live
an advanced lifestyle, harmoniously with nature,
that engages the mind, body, and spirit.

We’re on a mission to do things differently.
Join us in cultivating a conscious lifestyle,
full of possibilities for our future.

Create with nature.

Get in touch and find out how we can help you grow your dreams for a sustainable and resilient future.
Starting at 133K USD.