Regenerative fashion.

It’s become clear, sustaining the status quo isn’t going to solve the issues we’re facing. With this understanding, our newest mission is to move beyond sustainability and set the bar for regenerative fashion. Not merely striving to minimize harm, but using our successes to maximize benefits exponentially for the people and the planet. To realize this dream, we began to study permaculture and whole systems design. Which turns out, can be applied to business as much as it can be applied to your garden.

Our commitment as we grow.

People Care.

Livable wages and avenue to personal abundance
Free time for personal growth, aiming for a 4 day work week
Flexible hours, focused on productivity rather than set schedule
Beautiful, clean and inspiring workspace
Ongoing learning opportunities
Health as a lifestyle
Organic farm to table meals
Fitness amenities in the workplace
Low stress, ample rest & relaxation
Daily connection to nature

Planet Care.

Create no waste
Renewable, recycled, dead stock & natural materials
Reusable or compostable packaging
End of life return program to repurpose materials
Teach conscious lifestyle through brand content
Preservation and regeneration of natural spaces 
Clean air contribution through 1 for 1 planting initiatives
Clean water contribution through on site filtration systems
Soil health contribution through compost program & biochar production
Renewable energy

Fair Share.

No hoarding of resources, redistribute to the community
Only produce according to demand
Circular economy
Give back more than what we take
Leave things better than we found them
Teach what we learn
Make decisions to benefit the next 7 generations


If you’re interested in digging deeper into permaculture,
feel free to try out the same year long course that got me started.
Generously created and shared by Heather Jo Flores, author of Food Not Lawns.