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The woman behind the brand.

Nice to meet you, I’m Lisa. Designer. Photographer. Founder.

I live in kimonos and flowy dresses. Colour obsessed. Free spirited. Rock & roller. Minimalist. Advocate of natural beauty. Curator of empowered women. Futurist. Eternal optimist. Seeker of Utopia. Lefty. Blondie. Bookworm. Autodidact. Extroverted introvert. Thoroughly enjoy oxymorons. Nerd. Tree hugger. Anthroposophy enthusiast. Standing for equality, sovereignty and personal responsibility towards the organic evolution of humanity. I know health to be our natural expression.

My regenerative exploration began in 2014 when AMARA became one of the very first designer swim labels to commit to using ECONYL®, a 100% regenerated fiber, for our entire range. This commitment just happened to coincide with my move from Brooklyn to Tulum; This city girl took a dive head first into one of the most diverse & wondrous ecosystems on the planet. It was not long before my ethically focused label would transform into a love affair with the natural world. Afterall, how could I not advocate for Earth, when she was so generously providing all the adventures necessary to wear a bikini in the first place?

After a few years living in paradise, I began to see the negative effects of social media & technology driven tourism on this magical little town. Seeing the jungle chopped down on a daily basis was hurting my heart. But it forced me to take a hard look at my own lifestyle and take responsibility in how my choices were contributing to the damage of this sacred place. Eventually, I left Tulum with an ignited desire to take a whole new approach to fashion and life. And more importantly, I knew the changes needed to start at home, with my own lifestyle choices and daily habits.

These days, you can find me deep in the Maya jungle, basking in the tranquility of nature, cultivating a conscious lifestyle, practicing permaculture and living in the moment. I’m passionate about creating a higher quality of life for all through the voice of the brand and hope to offer a fresh perspective on living up to our potential through the experiences we share.