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Slow fashion & timeless style, for the minimalist.
and reversible swimwear
handmade to order, just for you.

It’s simple. First, choose your style.

Then, decide on your favourite colours and determine your size.

Handmade to order

The very best things take time. When we slow down to appreciate quality, we end up needing less stuff as a result. With just a little planning & patience on your part, we are able to eliminate almost all waste from our supply chain by listening to your needs and creating only to fulfill them. When you shop with us, you’re contributing to slow, ethical & regenerative fashion practices. Thank you for making the effort to choose a better way to get dressed. May your new item be a piece that is lived in and cherished; A staple in your wardrobe that collects many memories and is infused with good vibrations.

Hi, I’m Lisa.

I’m the founder of AMARA Tulum, a swim label first established back in 2014. Being self taught in design & business, it’s been a long road towards developing a balanced ecosystem to support my creative expressions.

I spent years keeping up with the rat race of seasonal collections, tradeshows and traditional sales models. And honestly, it left me burnt out, with overstock, materials and debt piling up. Despite my whole hearted efforts, my business & life were far from sustainable.

So I took a very long pause to reevaluate. Through deep study, contemplation and rest, I came to see that a made-to-order model is the only way that made sense if I was going to continue making clothes. Filled with insight, I felt inspired to rebuild from the ground up.

“Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can.” is the challenge. Well, I’ve created a bunch of pretty patterns over the years that I still love, have tons of fabric left, plus skills with a sewing machine and camera. And now it feels like the right time to put this slow concept to the test.

I’m so grateful that you’ve joined me here.


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