AMARA, the essence embodied.

Basking in the early afternoon sun here in Tulum, I sit down with AMARA’s Founder and Creative Director, Lisa Jackson, to sift through her cookbook of feminine magic, strategies and creative expansion in pursuing a conscious lifestyle, reminding us it takes love, dedication and self-realization to paint our world as we want it to be.

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In a fashion world that’s making eco-friendly trendy and cool, many brands have jumped aboard, but a unique few execute from core values to align with this messaging every step of the way. That’s why game changers like Lisa Jackson, creator of AMARA — a sustainable swimwear line that leads in eco-luxe — isn’t afraid to get transparent with us.

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Forage & Sustain interview.

We had the opportunity to connect with Lisa Jackson, founder and owner of AMARA, a Tulum-based sustainable swimwear brand, and a leader in the ethical swimwear market. With a “from the sea, for the sea” approach, Lisa found a way to blend her love for fashion, with her love for the planet, realizing what many of us haven’t yet – sustainability and fashion can go hand in hand.

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