Playlist | 01.

Messages from the divine.

Enjoy an awakening journey through psychedelic, groove, soul & binaural sounds.

Open your ears & your heart.
Listen deep. Awaken. Rise. ✊🏽

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Santani | What dreams are made of.

Santani wellness retreat is located on an elevated mountainous landscape and the escapade to arrive here is half of the fun. If you decide to depart from Kandy, Sri Lanka you will…

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TRI | The dream of eco luxury.

Robert Drummond is the designer and owner of Tri Lanka, who creatively built his vision from living on the land in a mud hut for years before committing to manifesting his dreamy design. Tri Lanka is owned by a beautiful humble human who brings minimalist design, sensory experiences in nature and travel moments that are eco-chic in the most spectacular way possible.

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Babes Bearing Skin | A History of the The Bikini Revolution.

In the spirit of freedom and rebellious creativity, AMARA proudly raises its fist to the sky in honour of Louis Reard and the 71st anniversary of his design – the modern bikini. Circa July 5th, 1946 Michelin Bernardini donned the prototype of the modern bikini crafted by this French engineer.

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Love, bikinis & revolution.

In 2014, I decided to take a chance on life and move to Tulum, Mexico and haven’t looked back since! While the tropical vibes have been exponentially inspirational for me on a creative level, what’s been most rewarding is that I have come to know myself better.

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